Base Camp 11 – Periodontal Linkages with Other Dental Specialities

Presented by: Dr. Luisa Schuldt, D.D.S., M.Sc., F.R.D.C. (C)

Join us for lecture 11 of the 12 part lecture series exploring cutting edge updates in the world of periodontics.  In this lecture, we introduce Dr. Luisa Schuldt to the Perio in the Peninsula Study Club.  Dr. Schuldt recently joined our Periodontal Wellness & Implant Surgery team and brings with her a wealth of knowledge from her years of experience as a practicing dentist and periodontist.

Periodontology is not an isolated realm. It is part of a wider scope of care in which interaction between many providers may be required to provide optimal dental care. This team of providers, depending on a patient’s individual needs, may require interaction between general dentist, hygienist, laboratory technician, physician, and one or more dental specialists including periodontist, endodontist, orthodontist and prosthodontist. Armed with innovative digital technologies, team members can achieve improved communication and coordination. Learning the linkages between periodontology and other dental specialities will facilitate a better understanding of the opportunities dental care providers have to work together in order to help our patients achieve aesthetically and functionally satisfying long-term treatment outcomes.


  • Review important role of each member of the dental team
  • Explore new dental technologies and how these can improve communication and treatment planning
  • Understand how dental specialists can work together creating improved clinical outcomes