Demonstrating Resilience in a Professional Program during COVID-19

Resilience has been defined as the ability of an individual to withstand adversity.  A skill necessary in this day and age, as everyone has been affected by the global pandemic in some way.

Co-authored by one of the members of our Nursing Team, Meagan Noble, this article gives five pieces of advice for how to demonstrate resilience for students in a professional program during COVID-19.

1. Be Adaptable – Resilience can be demonstrated by adapting to new policies on short notice and the ability to rebound after a prolonged period of time without using clinical skills.

2. Be Optimistic – If you find it hard to identify the positives, start by recording the lessons you learned when things did not go as planned.  Continuously reflect and review this strategy to help engage in optimism.

3. Maintain and Strengthen Connections – Recognize that physical distancing does not equate to social distancing.  Connecting with like-minded people can help to decrease stress, protect our emotional well-being, and remind us that we are not alone.

4. Be Patient – Many aspects of our daily lives have changed, making delays inevitable.  Plan for longer wait times, even for mundane tasks such as grocery shopping.

5. Be Disciplined – Acknowledging your inclinations and eliminating distractions is key to self-discipline.  Setting a daily routine with a definitive plan and having an accountability partner are also helpful tools in establishing discipline.

Written by: Meagan Noble & Jordan Mackenzie