Our Corporate Sponsors

We cannot operate as a successful clinic without being able to count on our key corporate partners. Our main business relies on the relationships we have with our corporate partners.

These relationships need to be reignited, and we need to get to know one another again, as there have been many changes in our respective organizations.

The Learning Space and the Big Red Canoe Club will create a familiar meeting area where we can repeatedly and comfortably meet, strengthen old and develop new relationships and spring forward! To accelerate this process, we need our corporate partners to be our megaphone and help us promote the events and encourage people to attend, preferably in person.

We also need sponsorship to reduce the barriers to participation for the dental team members. We need help subsidizing events where attendees will want to arrive early and linger after to socialize and reconnect. If we are asking people to give up their evening to be with us, our guests must leave the event feeling better about themselves.

We need your help in creating that feeling.