Perio Classification

Presented by: Dr. Peter Fritz and Dr. Luisa Schuldt
Periodontal disease is a prevalent dental condition that affects millions of people worldwide, most often unknown to the patient. In this lecture, we will focus on the most recent classification of periodontal disease, diagnostic tools and tips for supporting our patients during their initial management and long term maintenance.

Most Interesting Cases in Perio

Presented by: Dr. Peter Fritz and Dr. Luisa Schuldt
This lecture will highlight some of the most interesting cases Dr. Fritz and Dr. Schuldt have encountered throughout their career.

Contemporary Periodontal Regeneration

Presented by: Dr. Aleem Manji
As our knowledge and awareness of hard and soft tissue regenerative procedures grow, the question remains – can a tooth be saved or should it be extracted? What tools and technologies do we benefit from today in regenerative medicine that allow us to achieve outcomes we may not have previously thought possible? The presentation will focus on clinical cases treated in everyday private practice and some key points that should be considered in delivering successful patient outcomes.

HPV and Oral Cancer

Presented by: Jo-Anne Jones

As a dental professional, we are ideally situated to make a direct impact on earlier discovery, better treatment outcomes and increased survival rates related to oral and oropharyngeal cancer. A recent ‘call to action’ by the Chief Dental Officer of Canada to dental professionals to play a significant role in raising awareness, educating, counselling and promoting evidence-based risk intervention strategies underlies the critical necessity for change in our screening practices.

Periodontics and Prosthodontics

Presented by: Dr. Luisa Schuldt
We will explore the interplay between periodontics and prosthodontics and how these specialties can work together to help patients achieve optimal oral health and function. We will discuss the various stages of periodontal disease, the latest techniques for diagnosis and treatment, and how they can impact the success of prosthetic treatment. We will also delve into the various types of dental prostheses available, including dentures, bridges, and implants, and how they are customized to meet the unique needs of each patient.