Presented by: Shauneen Ryan

Infection Control is an important part of safe patient care. By understanding the infectious disease process and how it is impacted by proper infection control protocol we can eliminate the risk of infection for both patients and practitioners. Participants will obtain the knowledge to properly implement necessary infection prevention and control measures in the dental practice. This lecture consolidates published recommendations from authoritative government agencies as well as regulatory bodies and professional associations.

Disinfections and Water Lines

Presented by: April Smith

This session will provide a comprehensive review of the 3 steps required for implementing and maintaining a successful dental unit waterline protocol. DUWLs provide a critical element to nearly all dental procedures and it is essential to ensure that the water is safe for human consumption and that dental practices are in compliance with regulatory guidance.

Intro To Manuals and IPAC

Author: Susan McGuire

This course will explore the key components to a comprehensive IPAC plan and how to use current regulated IPAC protocols in your office. With a focus on required documentation, including; maintenance log sheets, MIFU requirements, Safety Data Sheets and more. Together, we will identify some of the major goals for offices such as reducing staff time related to the increased documentation burden, and decreasing the risk of accidentally delivering improperly sterilized instruments to patients.