Spontaneity, Adaptability, & Strategic Thinking

Author: Hartley Jafine

This final lecture will continue to build on the concepts of spontaneity and adaptability with the goal of enhancing comfort with ambiguity. Engaging with creative exploration, participants will explore how to think creatively on their feet and respond and adapt in our ever changing environments.

Approaching Conflict & Challenges Through Design Thinking

Author: Hartley Jafine

Design thinking uses a creative, human-centered approach to solve “wicked problems” of healthcare. This module will introduce design thinking and cultivate a generative and creative mindset required for innovation and problem solving. Participants will engage with the process of human- centered design through empathy, curiosity, prototyping, and testing.

Power, Status, & Personal Awareness

Author: Hartley Jafine 

This lecture will examine the performance of power and status in healthcare. Participants will investigate how the mechanism of power and status can impact professionalism and the performance of dentistry. The session aims to raise awareness regarding personal assumptions, biases, and stereotypes.

Communication, Collaboration, & Supportive Practice

Author: Hartley Jafine

Participants will engage in exercises to reflect on their communication and listening skills (especially with additional PPE due to the pandemic), their awareness of body language, effective collaboration, and empathy/perspective taking. Tuckman’s theory of group process will also be explored and discussed.

An Introduction to the Dental Humanities

Author: Hartley Jafine

This lecture will offer an introduction to the field of dental humanities, applied theatre and improv, and their applicability to dentistry. Participants will begin their exploration of performance and how theatre and improv can be used to enhance their “role”.