Frequently Asked Questions

The Big Red Canoe Club is an RCDSO-approved study club for all things new in the field of dentistry. This study club is committed to sustaining our support for those in the dental community and fostering inclusivity in learning. We are thrilled to broaden the scope of our study club by incorporating relevant topics beyond dentistry, extending this inclusivity to allied health professionals.  This group is an opportunity to reignite relationships, learn and support one another in a place called The Learning Stream.

The Learning Stream creates an ecosystem to reconnect in a meaningful, inclusive, and fun way. We know one way to show your team appreciation is to invest in their growth and learning. Engaged and informed team members can really help a practice to thrive rather than merely survive. The Learning Stream is where we can combine disciplines to improve our clinical abilities and enhance our team’s performance and mental health. The future is about creating imaginative things.  As a member of the BRCC, you have the opportunity to register your team first (and earn CE points)!

Our clinic underwent a significant expansion during the pandemic, doubling in size to 8000 square feet. It includes an independent 5-chair hygiene clinic, a Discovery and Innovation Hub, and a dedicated meeting area called the Learning Stream. We can safely host 50-60 people in person and live-stream events in the new space. Catering services, public health regulations and the attendee’s journey map have all been considered. In this new space we will be able to  get active, spend time with friends and have a nourishing meal (with a little “Fritz Flare”).

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In pursuit of our goal of promoting inclusivity, we aim to minimize any obstacles to attending our lectures. While there are no fees for the lectures, we kindly request attendees contribute a $10 donation to Feed Niagara in order to to secure their seat at the event.

The Big Red Canoe Club has earned RCDSO approval as a study club, making our lectures eligible for Category 2 CE credits. Additionally, we’ll occasionally provide Category 1 courses tailored for dentists, so stay tuned for updates.

Have a questions that we didn’t answer in our Frequently Asked Questions? Contact us with all of your other questions, comments, and suggestions!